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Electrical measurements particularly high voltage measurements have been highly responsible behind developing technologies over the past 100 years. High voltage probes in this regard define the state of high voltage measurements. Thus, the following guide will be the first step towards selecting the right probe for making reliable high-voltage measurements.

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High-Voltage Probes Buying Guide

High-Voltage Probes are devices allowing an ordinary voltmeter to measure extreme high voltages by reducing its input voltage to a standardized safe measurable level using a voltage divider cut within the probe body that can otherwise be destructive. Keeping the following considerations in mind one can choose the test probes measuring high-voltages at ease.

 Detecting Design and Capacitance

To achieve unmatched accuracy levels, High-voltage probes particularly the VD probes are uniquely designed to provide wide bandwidth capability raging between 70-1000 MHz, with convenience without fostering any further adjustments in the field and with an ideal capacitance raging between 24-16 as far as the VD series is concerned.

Considering Technical Specifications

Technical specifications are one of the vital factor buyers should consider before selecting high-voltage probe inverters, chargers etc. Determining battery voltage compatibility especially system voltage and battery type is another crucial factor. In this regard, an ideal range recommendation can be 115V- 240V 50/60Hz.

Standard Cable length for Easy Measurements

Buyers can prefer standard 50ohm and 93ohm coaxial cables for connecting probe to an oscilloscope or digitizer. Speaking about cable length it is advisable to consider a 10 mm input and output cable length as an ideal one.

Manufacturer Specifications and Reviews

The most important considerations before purchasing electrical gadgets are the manufacturing specifications which include the date of manufacture, storage specifications, warranty and support, no of batteries, included and the application specifications ranging from television tubes to radar to advanced particle accelerator applications. Besides, Customer reviews also play a crucial role enabling the buyer to detect a particular product especially when purchased online to compare two or more products based on the price, operability, etc.

Test Your Tester

VDE approved high voltage testers for industry and energy providing sectors, telescope and high voltage tester for feeders and converters are some of the ideal measuring devices buyers can rely on to test high-voltage probes.

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