Top 12 Highchairs

Before settling for any design, consider the amount of space you can afford. Highchairs have a wide base which ensures higher stability. The tray is attached to the high chair’s arms; food can be placed on the tray. Chairs with smart features such as adjustable height can be turned into a preschool chair.

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Highchairs Buying Guide

High chairs are ideal for feeding toddlers. The chair is intentionally high so that an adult can easily feed the baby. High chairs can be used even after mealtimes. It is a safe place for the baby while you are busy with other chores. They are helpful for toddlers over six months; this when baby can sit up on their own.

Factors to consider

A high chair can have wide legs for stability which takes up more space. To minimize the area, you can select a chair that can fold easily and has a small area. Folded chairs take less storage space; however, make it a point to check whether they can stand up on their own when folded. Some chairs have a removable tray for easy foldability. Apart from synthetic material, you can choose a wooden chair that will not look odd among other furniture. They are bulky and not transportable, but they last longer.

Check how easy-to-use the chair is

Different chairs have different mechanism for getting the baby in and out:  Some come with a removable or pull forward tray, but they will cause more storage headache. Some may have straps that get the child in a safe position. There are chairs available without trays, but they assist less in work than those with trays.

Fast cleaning chairs

Suppose you are a working parent and can’t invest time cleaning a chair. In that case, look for wipe-clean plastic vinyl or PVC material surface. You can easily get a machine-washable removable tray. Check for sharp edges when going for synthetic material. Trays with an extra nook or pads can give a space for food to hide, which makes cleaning even more challenging than it should be.

Additional ergonomic feature

A few manufacturers attach baskets at the bottom to store baby’s toys or other objects such as nibs and napkins for further versatility. But an additional component means one more thing to clean and take care of. High chairs with built-in entertainers are quite easy to find. They can keep your toddler distracted while you the ‘aeroplane’ in their mouth. Some have a swappable toy tray with a food tray. High chairs with an adjustable footrest that gets lower as your toddler grows can serve your child for years. A fancy chair has features such as a cup and spoon holder, a big, padded cushion seat for additional comfort.