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If you're passionate about brewing but don't know where to start, home brewing kits are the perfect solution for you. This guide has everything you need to know about home brewing kits, including the types and advantageous features so that you can brew the best beer you've ever had right at home.

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Beer is a drink that'll never get old. It's been around for centuries and will continue to stick around for a long time. If making this timeless drink at home has ever seemed like a daunting idea to you, a home brewing kit is going to knock those doubts out of the park. Getting started with brewing is going to be easier than ever with these kits.

What's in a kit

Every home brewing kit will contain a few essentials that are necessary to get the brewing process started. The components that make up a home brewing kit are a keg, thermometer, stopper, bung, airlock, mashing net, sanitiser, malt, yeast, hops, and dextrose. There are mainly two types of brewing kits: malt extract and all-grain. Malt extract can be hopped, liquid or dry. All-grain gives your beer a fresh taste. Ultimately choosing between all-grain and malt extract depends entirely on your personal preferences and taste.

Yearning for yeast

Brewers yeast is different from the normal yeast used to make dough for bread. Ale yeast, also known as top-fermenting yeast, and lager's yeast are the two different types of yeast used in beer brewing. Lager's yeast is also known as bottom-fermenting yeast. While ale yeast creates a thick yeast head in the early part of fermentation, lager's yeast settles at the bottom before rising to the top. Ale yeast is used to brew stouts, porters, ales, wheat beers, Kolsch, and Altbier. Lager yeast is mostly used for Pilsners, lagers, Dortmunders, bocks and more and provides a clean taste.

The most important component: The Fermentor

The fermentor is where the magic happens, and therefore, it is the most important component in the brewing kit. Fermentors can be made of different materials such as stainless steel, food-grade plastic buckets, barrel-style and carboys. Plastic buckets made out of food-grade material are the most common type of fermenters found in most home brewing kits. Fermentors made out of stainless steel are incredibly durable, but they are also the most expensive. Wooden barrels are a classic style of fermenters; they add an earthy and woody taste to your drinks.

Features that make a kit stand out

Every great home brewing kit will have some common features that make it stand out from the rest. Any good kit must have a thermometer and ingredients that are of premium quality. Additionally, the kit must be durable, and fermenters with a tap make it easy to pour out the beer inside. Portable brewing kits are another advantage.

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