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Beekeeping is a fascinating art and the science of obtaining the sweet honey from the flower nectar. The process of collecting honey from honeycombs requires quite a lot of accessories. A honey extractor is one such machine that aids in obtaining honey from honeycomb without spoiling it.

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Honey Processing, Pumps & Accessories Buying Guide

Honey is considered a superfood as well as medicine since time immemorial. The tasty sweetener is a result of a lengthy process. Since honey extraction is an art, the process requires specific tools for certain steps. In this guide, we will help you choose the right accessories so that the process becomes more comfortable for you.

Guidance for the honey extractors

Whether you are an amateur aiming to start a honey harvesting business or a rookie who wants to try out this hobby, a honey extractor will be needed. It is a daunting task to make the right choice as the equipment is quite costly. Many factors can easily let the buyers choose an appropriate honey extractor. Firstly ask yourself if you want to buy the equipment only to fulfil a hobby or you intend to pursue beekeeping commercially?

Which type of honey extractor is perfect for you?

If you do beekeeping as a hobby, a honey extractor that can hold up to three frames at a time will be enough for you. If you own numerous colonies and extract honey for commercial use, a honey extractor that can hold multiple frames at once is suitable for you. The other factor to keep in mind is the power source. A manual extractor is labour intensive, ideal for small beekeepers. On the other hand, electric extractors are more efficient and cost-effective for commercial beekeepers. Extractors made from metal are incredibly stable and easy to clean.

Honey processing; other accessories

Proper equipments and tools are needed to pursue the pleasurable activity of beekeeping.  A honey bottling tank is one such equipment that preserves the honey and saves it from contamination.  Glass, food-safe plastic, and rust-resistant metallic containers are ideal for storing honey. A strainer is used to complete the process of honey extraction. It filters pieces of wax and honeycomb. The double sieve design of strainers helps purify the raw honey from both small and large particles. Please make sure the material of the strainer is durable and it is easy to clean.

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