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Even though we all love a good blow-out at the salon, taking out time and spending the extra bucks isn’t always easy. But today, you can easily skip visits to the hairstylist and achieve beautiful and perfectly-styled mane at home with hot air stylers. An air styler is very much similar to a regular blow-dryer – but by using one, you can easily dry and set your hair at the same time. Whether you want to straighten, blow-dry, curl, or volumise, hot air stylers have you covered.

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Hot Air Stylers Buying Guide

A hot air styler is usually shaped like a hairbrush (round or flat) and saves you the hassle of using two to three tools for one desired look. Compared to other hair styling devices, hot air stylers are relatively easy to use, and one can quickly master the technique. Since there are both round and flat air-brushes, buyers need to choose based on their requirement. For instance, a paddle brush will be more suitable straightening and drying, whereas boar bristle brushes are better suited for curling & volumising. However, there are certain features one must consider.

Go with a Professional & Multifunctional Air Styler

Today, there are several hot air stylers available to buyers, but picking out one without giving it much thought isn’t a good idea. Instead of looking for low-cost alternatives, buyers should go for stylers manufactured/sold by trusted and professional brands, so you only get the best. Using just any air styler can cause hair damage, which no one wants. Moreover, buyers should go for multifunctional stylers that let you curl, straighten, comb, and dry with one single tool. As otherwise, you will again need to use different styling machines – which defies the entire purpose of using hot air stylers.

Less Damage for the Win

Although hot air stylers are less damaging than other tools like straighteners and curlers, it is better to choose one that further minimises hair damage. For instance, most stylers are equipped with ceramic coating and negative ionic technology that increase the hair’s moisture level by releasing negatively-charged ions – thereby reducing heat damage. Such technologies also nourish your hair as you style, eliminate or tame frizz, boost the drying process, and enhance the hair’s shine & smoothness without static electricity.

Heat Settings and Design Features to Look for

Buyers should for air stylers equipped with the maximum number of heat & speed settings or a customisable temperature feature for added flexibility – and must also be suitable for all hair types. Some hot air stylers come with bonus brush attachments, giving you more options – which is something worth considering. One should look for stylers with a comfortable grip, nylon pin & mixed tufted bristles, easy control buttons, LED indicator, curl release switch, and a 360-degree swivel cord.

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