Top 8 Hydraulic Gear Pumps

As the world moves forward, the technology aims at reducing manual labour by inventing nifty and useful tools like hydraulic gear pumps. Gear pumps use the mechanism of displacement to pump fluids of different viscosities by the meshing of gears. Only a pump bought with proper research can live up to the expectations of the buyer.

Hydraulic Gear Pumps Buying Guide

It has been more than 400 years since the first hydraulic gear was invented and it has been improved but not replaced because of its spectacular characteristics. These machines are used for hydraulic fluid power applications, for example, pumping petrochemicals like diesel oil, crude oil, lube oil, pumping of chemicals like acids, isocyanates, and many other fluids like paints, ink, resin, adhesives, chocolate, cacao butter and likeness. To achieve extreme precision while using a hydraulic gear pump, a flawless machine is needed.

The correct power to size ratio.

The gear pump flow is generally measured in cubic meters per hours, and it influences the size and power of the hydraulic gear pump. The buyer must ensure that the size of the suction head of the pump does not cross 10 meters, and if they require a bigger gear pump, they should choose a submersible gear pump. The water flow of the gear pump should match with water lift. The buyer should go for a pump that is portable and yet delivers excellent lift.

Portability and longevity.

The construction of the gear pump engine should be durable so that the product bought is an investment and delivers the necessary power for years. A portable gear pump that can perform any heavy-duty work without causing any hindrance with the machine’s operation and is convenient to handle makes the buyer’s work hassle-free. It is also advisable to ensure that the pump is not high maintenance as the maintenance cost crosses the product’s cost in the long run.

Compatibility of the gear and fluid viscosity

Different gear pumps are made for different fluids. Usually, each gear pump is designed to lift a particular fluid in any setting like industrial or mechanical machinery. The buyer must ensure that they choose a gear pump that is suitable for lifting the liquid they would like it to. For example, some hydraulic pumps only lift oil and others only water.

How essential are the connectors?

The connectors’ function in a hydraulic pump is analogous to the function of the heart in the human body. They help in the movement of large amounts of fluids from one place to the other and make the job fast.

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