Top 12 Hydraulic Power Units

No industry can function without power and of late, there has been a shift from traditional sources of energy/power to modern ones – hydropower being one of them. Due to its efficiency, more and more people worldwide rely on hydro energy and an excellent way to harness it is by using a hydraulic power unit. Hydraulic power units consist of three main components – a pump, a motor, and an accumulator (also known as a reservoir) to store the fluid.

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Hydraulic Power Units Buying Guide

Some typical applications of hydraulic power units include all types of machines and equipment, automation, excavation, mining, mechanical repairs, and much more. Hydraulic power units owe their popularity and wide use to their durability, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Whether you own a repair shop or a truck that isn’t running smoothly or even if you need a power resource for a lifting machine, a hydraulic power unit can be quite useful. However, it is vital to examine several factors first.

High-Power Motor

Out of the three major components of a hydraulic power unit, the motor performs the primary function – converting a power machine’s mechanical energy into a liquid’s pressure energy. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that whichever hydraulic power system you choose should have high-quality construction and a high-power motor like a pure copper motor with an aluminium shell. Doing so will increase work efficiency and also save you time, effort, and especially power.

Large Fluid/Liquid Tank

Since a hydraulic power unit uses fluids or liquids to produce energy, it needs to have sufficient space for storing them. So, buyers must check the tank’s size beforehand and the more the capacity, the better. Having a large tank on your hydraulic power unit will ensure the machine runs longer with a single refill, saving time. However, the tank should be slightly visible to the operator as not having sufficient oil or liquid while in use, can damage machines.

A Lot More to Consider

One common difference a buyer will find between different hydraulic power units is the design – which can be single-acting or double-acting. To choose between the two, buyers need to determine whether their cylinder set is double-acting or single-acting. It is also essential to ensure that the hydraulic power unit is suitable for horizontal mounting. As far as the controlling method is concerned, buyers can choose between remote control or a footswitch as both are suitable for hands-free movement. A high rotating speed, good working/gauge pressure, durability, and wear resistance are also vital factors buyers must consider.