Top 10 Hydraulic Tanks & Reservoirs

Hydraulic tanks are an inseparable part of fluid power applications. They come in varied shapes and sizes and help fulfil fluid requirements of the system as well as recovery of fluids from losses or evaporation. It is back-breaking to choose the right hydraulic tank without guidance as there are so many dimensions and specifications to mind.

Hydraulic Tanks & Reservoirs Buying Guide

Some important uses of a hydraulic reservoir include holding a certain volume of fluids, handling heat transfer of the system, facilitating the release of moisture and air from the fluid, and helping the contaminants in the water to settle. Sometimes, hydraulic tanks are installed with hydraulic pumps that transfer the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The mentioned uses of a hydraulic tank can all go wrong if a perfect reservoir is not bought. This guide helps the buyer to avoid any blunders of choosing the wrong product.

Built of a reservoir

Hydraulic reservoirs commonly come in four shapes, namely rectangular, cylindrical, T-shaped, and L-shaped. Cylindrical tanks are statistically more used than the other varieties. The materials used to make these reservoirs should be sturdy so, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, high-grade plastic, and fibreglass are used. The buyer should choose fibreglass if they are looking to install the tank in a place that has high humidity and moisture as fibreglass is the most impervious to rust in corrosive environments.

Capacity and weight requirements

The minimum storage capacity of a hydraulic reservoir is 0.039 gallons. The buyer should be careful of the storage capacity of the tank and buy the one that is the most suitable for the system. Some of the tanks have storage capacity as high as 150+ litres. The hydraulic reservoirs that are exposed to high temperatures are usually larger, especially if no heat exchanger is instilled in the system.

Reducing the labour

The buyer must go for a product that has assured efficiency else; it will require regular servicing and be tough to operate. Another factor that the buyer should mind is if the installation process of the tank is user-friendly or not. If the installation process is stringent, then the buyer might need additional help to fix it.

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