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Hydrometers are helpful in brewing alcohols or alcoholic drinks with the right proportion. If you are not a professional and are willing to experiment with home-brewing, hydrometers will save you from disasters. So, how do you buy the appropriate hydrometer for first use? It is given in the guide below.

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Hydrometers Buying Guide

Even if you are a professional, you might go wrong at times when attempting to home-brew beer. A hydrometer resembles the thermometer where you will find the temperature, but you will find the specific gravity or relative density. It uses the age-old principle known as the Archimedes principle.

Know the types first

There are three types of hydrometers available in the market based on its working and added features. They can be listed as triple scale hydrometer, thermohydrometer, and precision hydrometer. The triple scale hydrometer is the least expensive one, and it can fit all sizes and batches. The name itself can understand the thermohydrometer. It is used for measuring the gravity as well as the temperature. While a precision hydrometer being more accurate and costly, is the best choice if you want precision to be your priority.

Examine the values it can measure

Different hydrometers work differently and measure different values. You should not think all the hydrometers are made the same way. You must examine appropriately as what all values the hydrometer you are buying measures. Some measures only gravity while some measures Brix scaling, ABV, temperature, and more. So, know before you buy.

Examine the other additional features

If you are buying a hydrometer, you need to check the additional characteristics also like the glass container to test it, a sturdy case for storage, testing jars, and more. Think of your hydrometer breaks easily or if the glass inside is not viable or the hydrometer is not suitable for that specific alcohol volume, then you will have trouble making your drinks. So, consider these factors before buying a hydrometer. Also, if the budget is one of your concern, you will probably have to compromise on the precision as they are linked to one another.

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