Top 12 Ice Cream Cones

With so many options available, choosing the right ice cream cone can be as tricky as selecting an ice cream flavour. After all, they are more than a container for ice creams. Select a cone that adds crisp to the cream without dominating its zest

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Ice Cream Cones Buying Guide

Ice cream cones are made of wheat flour, tapioca flour and sugar. The crunchy base that they provide enhances the summer enjoyment. Even certain type of allergy should not stop you from enjoying this divine delight. Gluten-free cones are made for people who follow a gluten-free diet.

Basic Cake/wafer cones

They are light flaky with a slightly sweet tang. Don’t choose a cone that overpowers the ice cream in terms of flavour. They are made crispy in texture and appear light brown. Wafer cones can mingle in with almost every ice cream since they don’t have a strong flavour themselves. Most of them have a flat-bottom that prevents dripping.

Firm and sweet Sugar cone

The brown sugar mixed with the base flour imparts a slightly sweet sensation to the taste buds. They make a sturdy vessel that doesn’t get moist even when the ice cream melts inside it. The rigid design makes them perfect for filling with as many scoops as you can. The firmer composition prevents them from becoming too soggy and falling apart. Due to the sugar, they appear dark brown. They are thicker and crunchier due to the fibre blend.

Double the enjoyment with Waffle cones

Waffle cones are made from a combination of cake and pastry flour; it makes them softer and fluffier. A waffle cone has a conical body with a broader extension or mouth. They have a deep caramel shade. Their shape allows the cream to be filled to the bottom.

Pretzel cones are worth experimenting

Pretzel cone adds a different class due to its salt and savoury zest. They complement ice creams with a richer flavour. The salted touch highlights the sweetness of the chilled cream. They make a rigid container that can take 2 to 3 scoops of ice cream pretty well without dripping them.

Twin cones and kid’s cone

They make the perfect 2-in-1 treat. Twin cones offer room for multiple scoops of ice creams in one cone. Most people don’t like stacking scoops of cream one above the another as you have to finish the first scoop to enjoy the other scoop. Twin cone gives you the freedom to enjoy both the flavour at a single time. They have side-by-side edible cups on a pointed bottom. They allow a limited serving of chilled cream suitable for children. The kid’s cone has a small base and fits perfectly on small hands.

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