Top 12 Indoor Trees

Pollution does not only exist in metropolitan cities and factories. According to studies, pollution is now also inside our homes and is as harmful as outside pollution. Diffusers and ionisers are used to provide cleaner air inside our home, but they are usually expensive. Indoor trees are cost-effective alternatives for diffusers.

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Indoor Trees Buying Guide

Trees are not only grown outside, but nowadays, they are also grown inside. Indoor trees grow well in pots with enough sunlight and water supply. Indoor trees are also known as bonsai trees. Bonsai trees can be grown both inside and outside. In this guide, tips, uses and types of indoor trees is available.

How to plant indoor trees?

Indoor trees are available online and in nearby nurseries. They come along with a suitable pot. If the pot is not to your liking, choose a pot suitable for the size of the tree. Make sure the pot contains drainage holes to prevent overwatering. Use high-quality soil for healthier and faster growth. The trees grow, so the owner should change the pot according to its size whenever required to allow more breathability to the roots. The plant should be placed in a place where it can receive adequate sunlight.

Indoor trees for you

There are a variety of indoor trees available. Some not only purifies the air but also bears fruits. Calamondin orange trees produce tiny flowers and fruits, and they also provide a fragrant aroma. Jade plants are a popular indoor tree variety. It is bought small but grows bigger up to 3 meters in the meantime. Parlour palm trees are also commonly found in houses. They are pet-friendly, purifies hair and can also be seen in bathrooms. Rubber trees, citrus trees, Ficus trees, money trees, lady palm and bamboo trees are the best indoor trees.

Habits that cause a decline in growth

Beginners tend to get excited about growing indoor trees, which prompts them to water the trees more than required. Although drainage holes help to avoid the excess water crisis, still it is suggested to water adequately. Forgetting to water the trees can cause the trees to dry out. Temperatures should not be too hot and too cold as they might harm trees.

Other things to consider

Some indoor trees can be harmful to pets. If you are raising a pet, make sure the tree you are purchasing does not cause harm to the pet. Pests can be easily attracted to the trees. Applying the right number of pesticides can drive those pesky pests away. Fertilisers, especially for the trees, can boost the growth and health of the tree. The trees get adapted to the environment quickly, so don't change places frequently. Use room temperature water and replace soil once a year.