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Industrial switches are a cost-effective, stable, and a redundant solution with comprehensive functions. They provide the buyer with a reliable and continuous access to their machines and systems without compromising the compliance ability. The prime quality of industrial switches is their versatility in comparison to other types of switches.

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Industrial Switches Buying Guide

Every buyer looks for a switch that offers unobstructed power supply, security, performance, proper transmission and easy availability. When a buyer does their research, they will find that industrial switches have all these properties. These are some of the quality that every industrial switch should have, but the main question that every buyer will have is- how to separate genuine from fake? This guide will help answer all the questions that the buyer might have while choosing their perfect switch.

Purpose of the switch

Industrial switches come in varied sizes, shapes, material and serve different purposes. They can be used for motherboards, industrial machines, drill press, routers and likeness. If the buyer is looking to buy for PC, they should buy Ethernet or networking switches that are small in size but offer an apt voltage and current. For industrial and other uses, the buyer should go for footswitches that are made of a much more durable and robust material.

Current and voltage

Typically, the industrial switches come with distinct voltages. The microswitches can range from 5 volts to 250 volts. The buyer can go for more advance switches if their voltage requirement is higher than 250 volts. Mostly, the industrial switches use alternating current (AC) for their action. The buyer must also match the contact and insulation resistance, operation temperature, seal temperature, operating force, and dielectric strength of the switch and match it with the system they want to use it with. The system’s value of all these factors should not exceed that of the switch to avoid any safety hazards.

Safety and additional factors

Suppose the buyer needs to use the switch for industry use such as mechanical and heavy-duty machinery. In that case, it should be ensured that the switch comes with a protective cover that is waterproof, oilproof, dustproof and still maintains the concise design that can conveniently fit on the operating panel. The buyer should also see to it that the ON button is self-locking to stray away from any accidents.

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