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An adequate inflatable pool must be resistant to wear and tear, sufficiently spacious while being easy to install. Most of them are made of synthetic material such as plastic and PVC, ensure that the material is non-toxic and non-reactive on sensitive skin. It is feasible to purchase an inflatable pool with coordinating accessories.

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Inflatable Pools Buying Guide

Inflatable pools are above ground swimming pools that are portable, quick to install and easy to store. Availability of so many options may distract you from your original necessities; thus, it is better to consider first what options are suitable for you and what is not.

The pool should be manageable and spacious

As inflatable pools are portable, consider the place you are most likely to use them for, such as a yard or balcony. They are available in 90cm to 6meters in length. The next factor is the number and types of swimmer that will be using the pool. Large pools are spacious but consume more time to inflate and deflate. Thus it is not practical to use a bulky inflatable for a few people. For adults, pools up to 4 feet in depth will be exciting. While, if kids are also going to join the fun, choose a low or medium-depth pool.

Try unconventional shapes for additional enjoyment

Inflatable pools can be found in oval, round, rectangular, square and even irregular shapes. Rectangular pools can be used for practising laps as well as for beating the summer heat. Circular or round ones, in contrast, grant a more dramatic appearance. You can easily relax around the circumference of an oval or a circular pool. Irregularly shaped inflatables are specifically designed for kids. They may be found in many adventurous shapes, such as a boat, castle. Some irregular pools have play centres like slides for extra fun.

Pick a durable but easy-on-skin material

Vinyl or PVC inflatable pools are common. The synthetic thermoplastics do not contain rubber latex, making them suitable for people with latex allergy. Look for phthalates free pools as the chemical can be toxic. PVC is soft, flexible and easy to clean. Hardened plastic pools are a safe choice for toddlers as plastic is less likely to leech dangerous chemical into the water.

Don’t overlook requisite Accessories

Inflatable pools require an air pump for bestowing life into them. Though the air pump can be found easily, it is convenient to get an inflatable pool with its pump. Some of them also come with a built-in filtration mechanism. With filtration, you don’t have to drain and refill water every time after use. But for using the filter, you need to install the pool near an electric point. They are often presented with a repair patch for instant hole repair. Deep pools are often provided with ladders.

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