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Inflatable sofas have been in the market for quite some time now but rose to popularity in recent times owing to their umpteen benefits. Earlier it was considered an inexpensive piece of furniture for people who could not afford a couch or sofas. However, today, most people prefer inflatable sofas, and this guide throws light on the essential features to be considered while buying an inflatable sofa.

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Inflatable Sofas Buying Guide

A sofa is the most used furniture in a home as we spend most of our time in it while working or relaxing on holidays. The inflatable sofas are also commonly called air sofas as they are blown up or inflated to serve their purpose. Inflatable sofas are becoming increasingly famous as they do not take up much space and are quite affordable too. However, they are available in varying designs and sizes, and it can be confusing to decide the right one in the absence of a guide.

Easy inflation and deflation

Inflatable sofas with simple and convenient inflation and deflation methods are favoured as they can be instantly set whenever and wherever required. Every person prefers their sofa to possess a certain degree of firmness or softness. Some of the sofas are provided with an air pump to infuse air into the sofas. Pushing more air into the sofa makes it firm and upright, while air can be reduced for having a softer sofa. Hence the amount of air in the sofa can also be altered while hosting guests in the house.

The fabric of the sofa is important

The sofa built of softer material feels light and good to the skin to comfortably lie on it. Some of the sofas are made of 100% PVC or latex with a high-quality flock coating to ensure relaxation and air leakage. Waterproof and anti-fouling features are also integrated into this material. Some people might be allergic to PVC; they can opt for polyester 210T that is light and durable.

Ergonomically designed for a better experience

The inflatable sofas are designed to allow free movement of the entire body while providing firm support to the back and spine due to the curved design. The pressure and weight are evenly distributed throughout the sofa that imparts relaxation to the body. The lifted end of the sofa offers a rigid framework to the shoulders and neck to avoid cramps and muscle pain. The sofa with a back cushion offers comfort to the waist and provides maximum comfort.

Inflatable sofas serve multiple purposes

They can be used to relax during leisurely hours. It is an ideal way to lie and relax while watching a movie or reading a book. It can be positioned in the garden, living room or bedrooms as per convenience. It is perfect for children to enjoy and suitable for adults during game nights too.

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