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Infrared bulbs radiate infrared radiation and emit heat as well. IR lamps are used to heal chronic and skincare concerns like acne, pimples and blemishes. Tripod, light panel, desk lamp, cordless and timer bulbs are a few infrared bulbs accessible in the market. The wavelength matters the most for an ideal purchase.

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Infrared bulbs emit infrared radiation. One can use such bulbs for establishing communication over large distances and remote areas via optical fibres. Industries use infrared bulbs for radiant heating and building heating. Night vision devices also utilise infrared bulbs while chemical analysis of liquids and gases can also occur using infrared lamps.

The Healing Abilities of Infrared Bulbs:

One can use infrared bulbs for healing chronic ailments and agonies—infrared radiation aids in healing wounds and has anti-ageing abilities. You require a particular wavelength to treat the illness; hence select a lamp that matches your wavelength requirement. For people looking for an infrared therapy lamp, a wavelength range of 630 nm to 680 nm and 800 nm to 880 nm is the best for treating chronic diseases. The lamp radiates a particular amount of heat and red light.

Infrared Bulb Styles:

Tripod is a bulb with a stand to adjust the bulb's location and position as per convenience. The tripod may have wheels at the base for easy transportation. Light panel type comes in a square or rectangular shape with a flat structure. Such bulbs radiate light and heat on a large surface area. One can position desk bulbs on tabletops just like any regular table lamp. You can easily modify the angle and focus of a desk-style bulb when required. Handheld lamps work like flashlights and torches and provide a little exposure to infrared radiation.

Specific models operate on batteries and hence don't require a cord. Such models are designated as cordless bulbs. Lamps may even come with a timer to prevent long term exposures to infrared radiation. The light automatically shuts down when the timer runs out. IR bulbs are available for 35 Watts to 250 Watts. Their size, the shape will also vary based upon the price and its purpose.

Towards an Agony Free Future:

IR bulbs have an exponential demand in the market as one can use them for physiotherapy and other health-related treatments. It is better to avoid overuse of IR lamps as they may have adverse effects and mar your healing phenomenon.

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