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The presence of insects and bugs in the surrounding is nothing to new to our existence. From as long as animals have existed, insects and various flies have depended on them for food and shelter. And humans are no exception in providing them with the same. Insect nets act as protective covers from the intrusion of these tiny annoying creatures that wreck up our day-to-day activities.

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With more food wastage and shortcomings in its management, insects are now thriving in human environments for which preventive measures and instant solutions may need to be applied. As insect nets hinder the flies from approaching without us having to take any steps on our own body, they are a more easily accessible, sustainable and healthier option than repellents.

The various uses and designs

Insect nets are mostly used to protect babies and kids as they are not conscious of being bitten or harmed by bugs. They may be used to shield their cots, cribs, pushchair or car seats. Depending on the purpose, these nets may come like a wrapping bag or a much larger sheet. They ensure that your baby is safe when they are commuting or sleeping. Head net hats or head and neck coverings are available for both kids and adults alike in protecting themselves from mosquitoes and the like while in a hiking trip or other outdoor activities.

Shielding the house

Inside your house and other buildings, insect nets act as protective shields against window openings or airholes made for ventilation. They block the entry of a swarm of flies to your rooms, especially during the evenings when they are primarily active.

What is acceptable?

Be it a metal net on a wall or a mesh cloth; insect nets should be amply breathable to let in enough oxygen. Although fine mesh is generally preferred to restrict even the smallest bugs, some of them may defeat their purpose by being suffocating or not see-through. Strength and durability are inevitable for insect nets as they generally protect babies or children. Kids tend to scratch and destroy everything they touch, and they must be tearproof to withstand such forces. Washable materials are also desired since kids can easily dirty things.

Although they very well come exclusively for certain products, and in that certain model types, insect nets should be adaptable should you replace the object it covers. For example, if you change your baby's car seat according to his or her growing size. They may come with ties in the edges or Velcro straps. Some may have elastic wraps.