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Intellivision is a home video game console that created a niche in the video game industry. First released in 1979, Intellivision competed with Atari 2600, one of the most highly grossing consoles and yet left an irreplaceable space in the gamer’s world. Their games are still widely enjoyed by many although they haven’t been at the forefront in the field for the past couple of decades. Intellivision Entertainment is preparing for their rebirth, with their revolutionary new console ‘Amico’ and much more!

Intellivision Consoles, Games & Accessories Buying Guide

Named the No. 14 greatest video game console of all the time by IGN, Intellivision is known for its exquisite sharp graphics and unique set of controls. But there is much more to explore in the gaming system.

Welcome, Amico!

Amico is the latest, groundbreaking video game console produced by Intellivision.  It is a first in many realms and comes with two wireless colour-touch screen controllers. It features motion control, directional disc and buttons, interactive LED lights, RFID etc. Amico is made exclusively for families, and hence has only family-friendly content appropriate for all without compromising on fun and congeniality. It grants a vigorous multiplayer experience, with up to eight people being able to play at the same time by connecting mobile devices or additional Amico controllers.

The enchanting retro games

The Intellivision games are available in the market as cartridges. The games are a gleeful recollection of the past and give off vintage vibes. Astrosmash is a shooter game that is set in Hyperspace where the player attempts to avoid a killer asteroid and many more adversities. This exciting game is packed with unlimited ammo and plenty of targets. Another indulging game is BurgerTime that provides a look at what happens when people play with their food. Kids and adults alike enjoy the game where one has to complete several hamburgers while avoiding rival foods.

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