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Storing data has always been an important part of owning a computer, more so now than ever. The pandemic brought along with itself online classes or working from home. Solid-state drives or SSDs are the modern replacement for the traditional Hard Drives, with increased data transfer speeds and reliability. This makes them perfect for recording and storing classes along with assignments for future reference.

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Internal Solid State Drives Buying Guide

Traditionally, storing data was usually done by hard drives or floppy disks. While they proved to be revolutionary back in the day, they couldnt keep up with the times. A modern replacement being SSDs introduced a high standard of data transfer speeds and reliability. A typical SSD starts at 128GB(lower models available) and can go all the way up to 8TB(in commercial systems). 

How Much Storage Is Enough?

Buying an SSD with the right storage trickles down to your workflow. If youre in college and use the SSD for storing your creative designs, then anything between 256GB to 1TB is more than enough. However, if youre involved in video editing and save all the raw footage, you may require an SSD upwards of 1TB due to the massive file sizes.

Choosing The Correct Speed

The internal SSDs generally boast higher read and write speeds than an external SSD. It is not uncommon for video editors to edit directly off of the SSD itself. This requires the video editing software to read the file and edit it without transferring it to local storage. However, if you dont need super high-speed data transfers,  you can go for slightly slower SSDs without hesitating as theyre less expensive as compared to the high-speed SSDs.

What Type Of SSD is Required?

The different types of SSDs are SATA, NVMe, and PCIe. Each of them can deliver high speeds. The SATA SSDs can go up to 570MB per second whereas NVMe SSDs can go up to 2600 MB per second.  PCIe SSDs can optimally go up to 2600MB per second with a low risk of failure. Depending on ones needs, they can make a decision on the type of SSD that they require.

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