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JFET – junction gate field-effect transistor is a commonly-used variation of field-effect transistors. The JFET is also slightly different from a standard transistor because while the latter is controlled with current, the former (JFET) uses voltage. You are most likely to find JFET transistors in analogue electronic systems rather than digital ones. Although a JFET’s primary function is that of a transistor, it can also be used as an amplifier or a switch.

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JFET Transistors Buying Guide

Junction gate field transistors, which are unipolar, have done an excellent job at replacing bipolar junction transistors, as the JFET is far more efficient and energy-saving. Although JFET transistors are typically found in analogue electronics, many manufacturers use it for digital circuits because of its relatively smaller construction. Since JFET transistors have low distortion rates and provide excellent audio & video signals, they are also used in many communication devices and equipment. But despite the requirement and use of a JFET transistor, some deliberation is necessary, and this guide will highlight everything a buyer must know.

N-Channel Vs P-Channel JFET

There are two sub-types of JFET transistors – N-channel and P-channel, and when buying a JFET, buyers will come across both. The technical distinction between the two is that in an N-channel transistor, the majority charge carriers are electrons and, in a P-channel transistor, the carriers are holes. However, the choice depends on more than just the technicality, and the N-channel JFET is more suitable, and there are a few reasons why. As compared to the P-channel, an N-channel JFET transistor offers more mobility, has incredible transconductance, is less noisy, and is somewhat superior in functionality.

Choose a High-Quality Transistor

We all know what a low quality and bad functioning component can do to an electronic or digital device/system, and the same goes for a JFET transistor. Say you are using a JFET in a computer or a TV receiver and only after days of using the transistor malfunctions or even worse, causes damage to the equipment. No one would want to encounter such a situation, so it is essential to choose a JFET transistor with high-quality parts, and it must also be durable.

What Else Do Buyers Need to Consider?

Although lead is still widely used for many applications, it is best to skip buying a JFET transistor with lead components. Doing so is vital because not only is lead a bad conductor of electricity, it can be toxic to humans. Buyers must also make sure they select JFET transistors only after checking their model/part number and whether it fits their requirement purpose. But if you need JFET transistors for several devices or systems, going with a variety pack with different types is more suitable.

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