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A variant belonging from the nutritious milk family, Kefir yoghurt might be a little different from what its name gives away, but the drink is extremely loved in various parts of the world. Kefir grains are easy to access and create delicious yoghurt from the comfort of one's household.

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Kefir Yoghurt Buying Guide

Kefir yoghurt is an excellent product for people looking out to improvise their gut health as the ingredient is said to be healthier than frequently consumed yoghurt. Yes, Kefir includes extra probiotics to improve and keep abdominal health in check. Although the market owns an avid range of kefir brands, one can prepare it easily as home to keep essential properties intact. All it needs is a kefir culture packs which includes granules that just need a little stir in the regular, stored milk at home. Allow it to ferment, and hours later, it is ready to be devoured.

Complete Kefir kits to get started

Beginners who might have a hard time dealing with determining the exact proportions and mixing them up can look for starter kits to create Kefir. These kits offer a neat, hassle-free way to ferment milk into a nutritious Kefir drink. One can find Kefir granules and a jar with a strainer to separate the thick and thin Kefir mix.

Vegan Kefir for a plant-based diet

Vegans do not have to keep themselves away from consuming the benefits of active culture. The gut improving probiotics of Kefir is available in vegan variants too to take advantage of. Customers can either get pre-packed variants of the product or make it at home with culture sachets available in the market and online.

Look for the best before date

Even if the product comes in the package of dehydrated granules, there is a specific time to serve its purpose successfully. Look for best before dates to let the resulting product turn out fresh as ever using the given granule sachets on time. Run through the instructions to know more.

Flavoured packages to play with varieties

Kefir yoghurt is as versatile as simple yoghurt and allows users to play with its smooth flavours. Flavoured Kefir packages are available in the market to enjoy the benefits of good bacterias through fruity flavours. It shouldn't be tough to consume healthy food, and Kefir aims to deliver the same deliciousness with various flavours.

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