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Having two (or more) kids, especially an infant and a toddler can get tough to manage when you are on the go. Babies can rest comfortably in a stroller, it’s the toddlers who get tired and even though purchasing a double-seated stroller sounds like the right thing to do – it isn’t feasible and budget-friendly for everyone. But a buggy board is the holy grail product all parents with two kids should invest in as it conveniently converts a single-seat pushchair into a double one – with less than half the cost and without any hassle.

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Kiddy Boards Buying Guide

Kiddy boards are also commonly known as saddle seats, wheeled boards, and ride-on/stroller platforms. At first, they might resemble a scooter, but the board is supposed to be attached to the back of a stroller/buggy – giving you more room to accommodate two kids in one pushchair easily. A buggy board either comes just with a standing platform or a built-in seat, and although the choice is a personal preference, seated boards will be more suitable in the long run. However, this guide will help a buyer make an informed choice by explaining everything there is to know in detail.

Universal and Easy Fit

Although attaching a kiddy board to a stroller is quite straightforward, not all boards will work with every pushchair. While most manufacturers and sellers offer a universal connector compatible with almost every buggy type, some saddle seats are specifically designed to fit a particular brand or stroller model. If you can find one that works for you, well and good – or else, going with a universal connector system is the only option. One other way to check compatibility is by reading other customer reviews to give you a clearer idea.

Robust Reliability is Essential

As parents, we all want our children’s safety at all times, which also includes using a buggy board. Both the platform and the seat should be made with strong, sturdy, and durable materials, so you always have peace of mind when using the board. It is also a good idea to check the buggy board’s weight capacity, suitable age-group, and dimensions to ensure sufficient space. Moreover, the surface should be anti-slip with built-in suspension for a bump-free ride, ridges for increased traction, and robust wheels for extra safety.

Other Key Factors

If you buy a kiddy board with a built-in seat, make sure it is detachable, so it does not use much of the surface space. Instead of going for buggy boards requiring additional assembly tools, a buyer should purchase a ready-to-use board that only needs quick attachment. When not in use, a kiddy board can get in the way – which is why it is better to choose one that can be easily folded and hung up. If preferred, buyers can go with brands that offer a long-term warranty period and replacement policies.

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