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Little kids are like scientists when they play with toys. They come up with ideas, test hypothesis, analyse & solve problems. Hence, they learn to give wings to their imagination through toys. Toys also help the children to develop their creative thinking & problem-solving skills. Kids' doodle & scribble boards are such toys that aid in a child's personality development.

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Kids have a very innate need for expressing themselves. Hence, many get into the habit of scribbling on the walls. To avoid this, you may give your kid plain paper & a pen for drawing. Since kids are super-active, they will run out of papers within no time & may also start tearing the paper & create a mess which will mean extra cleaning work for you. Thus, considering these aspects, kids doodle & scribble boards are made. These toys come with a self-erase board which fades the drawings as soon as it dries. Therefore, your kid can scribble endlessly.

Useful in sensory learning

These boards come with a colouring pen that is used for scribbling. These pens are water-based & hence your kids will experience the fun of painting without any watercolour mess. When learning is combined with fun, kids enjoy the most & grasp at the fastest speed. This idea is well utilised while making these toys. Hence, the kids' doodle & scribble boards feature many letters & shapes drawn on the edges of the mat. You can ask your kid to draw various alphabets by referring to these drawings & aid in kinesthetic learning.

An excellent travel toy kit

When you plan to have an outdoor picnic, you may need to keep a number of toys handy for your kid to play with. Due to space constraint, you may decide on taking the ones that are convenient & occupy the least space. At such times, these boards can be your best bet. They are foldable & hence are easy to carry & provide hours of drawing fun. It is equally important for kids to learn the art of channelising their energies in one direction. These products help to build focus which will prove valuable in their academic journey.

A taste of technology

We are in the era of technology & hence kids are exposed to all kinds of gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. in their early years of development. When they see their parents using cell-phones, they naturally get the urge fiddle with these devices. You can let your kid play with them for a while, but they cannot be given un-supervised. Hence, there are tablets with LCD for scribbling. Your kid can proudly own his piece of gadget & enjoy drawing.

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