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Encouraging your little one's inner Monet can be a fruitful part of their formative years, but choosing the correct easel from all the varieties out there can be confusing. This guide seeks to guide you through all the different types of kids' easels so that you can give your little one the artistic freedom they deserve.

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Kids' Easels Buying Guide

Providing children with a medium to express their creativity is an integral part of development. Easels can be made of wood or plastic. The only necessity is to get an easel that's sturdy enough.

Varieties aplenty

The biggest hurdle in purchasing an easel is figuring out the type of easel you want. Whiteboard easels are easy to draw on and clean; however, they can only be used with whiteboard markers, which are not easy to colour and paint with. Blackboards are a classic, but they can get dusty over time and require periodic washing. Chalks come in several colours that can draw and colour whatever your child imagines, but they can be a choking hazard if you have toddlers around.

The wooden easel

A wooden easel that holds paper is the most classic definition of what an easel can be. There is no limit to what can be used on paper, so your child can draw, paint or write however they like with whatever tools they want. The downsides to these easels are that painting can sometimes be messy, and the paper will have to be replaced according to use.

Size & Storage

Easels take up quite a bit of space. Most easels can be folded vertically and put away. If you do not have the storage space, consider going for a tabletop easel. Tabletop easels have no legs; hence, they can be used on top of any surface the child is comfortable with. For standing easels, one between 45–51" would be suitable for kids three and above.

Some more requirements

A few other accessories in kids' easels can make the experience even more fun and organised. Some easels have fixed paint holders that can be detached to clean. Some feature more than one type of board so that the child can experiment with different styles and textures. Easels that hold paper are equipped with clips that can be used to dry the finished art.

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