Top 12 Kids' Lunch Bags

Making sure kids get their proper nutrients every day is a crucial part of every parent's day. And there's nothing more convenient than a handy lunch bag to fit all the boxes in, ensuring your child has a healthy meal no matter where they are. This guide is all about kids' lunch bags and what to look out for when picking one.

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Kids' Lunch Bags Buying Guide

Kids must get several healthy meals and snacks to munch on throughout the day. A lunch bag is the most convenient way to ensure all the different components of a healthy kid's diet is accessible to the child even when they're away at school or daycare.

Bags of all sizes

Lunch bags come in several different sizes. Most come in a standard 27 x 22cm, but you can easily find bags that are small or large enough for your specific needs. Some lunch bags are sectioned so that you can fit several containers in one bag. This feature can be necessary if you have to pack multiple containers of food for your child. Larger bags tend to be heavier than small bags, so ensure that the bag is made of lightweight material.

Keep food as it is

Lunch break is what most kids look forward to in school. However, opening up the lunch box to find cold food can immediately destroy a child's appetite, especially if the child is a picky eater. Insulated lunch bags are the answer to this dilemma. Lunch bags with a layer of insulation inside ensure that the food remains as warm or cold as it was while being packed. In addition, insulated lunch bags can be a lifesaver when there is no microwave accessible to the child to warm the food.

No one wants a dirty bag

Everything needs to be cleaned once in a while, and lunch bags are not exempted from this rule. Especially with spillage being a common recurrence when it comes to kids, you're going to find yourself washing your kid's lunch bag quite often. Getting a lunch bag that's easy to clean can make this task easier. Opt for lunch bags that are made of plastic or have a plastic coating. Bags with fabric, especially absorbent fabric, can be time-consuming to wash and dry.

Designs and colours galore

There is limitless variety when it comes to kids' lunch bags. A lunch bag with their favourite cartoon character, superhero, or princess will have kids carrying their bags to school with pride. They may also motivate kids to eat and finish their food. In case your child isn't currently enamoured with any specific characters, you can also find lunch bags with various patterns or animals, flowers, sports illustrations and much more. No matter what your child is into, you're bound to find a lunch bag that they'll wholeheartedly approve of.