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If your kid loves drawing, you should invest in a magnetic drawing board. This board comes with a stylus pen allowing your kid to write or draw smoothly on the screen. In case they make a mess, they can use the eraser to rub and scribble again. There are thousands of magnetic drawing boards out there, but finding the best is the challenge.

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Kids' Magnetic Drawing Boards Buying Guide

Educational toys can be fun, especially the ones like magnetic drawing boards. Your kids can practice their drawing and writing skills on the board for as long as they want. This board comes with loads of features to help your children have a mess-free drawing session. With a large number of magnetic boards offered by various brands, finding the best one should be your top priority. This guide contains all the factors and features of a magnetic board that need your consideration before you make a choice.    

Size and Weight 

While buying a magnetic drawing board, size and weight matter a lot. It depends on your kid’s artistic abilities whether to buy a small tool or a large one. If your child wants to express his/her thoughts, a bigger one will be more suitable. However, a smaller magnetic drawing board would be much easier to carry when you go outside. Also, consider your storage space too before you decide on the size of the magnetic drawing board.  

As for the weight, if the kid keeps the board on their lap while drawing, a lightweight board will be better. If you or your children have a fixed place for drawing sessions, you can go for heavy magnetic drawing boards. 

Loads of features

The best magnetic drawing boards come with a plethora of appealing features. The board must have a stylus-like pen attached to a string. Some boards come with magnetic stamps that will double the fun for your kids and make the activity more exciting. For an attractive look, there are numbers, letters, and shapes printed on the boundaries of the board. 

Type of material 

Almost every manufacturer uses non-toxic material for making magnetic boards. However, you should still check its specifications on the box to ensure that the board is durable. Since you want the drawing board to last long, you should look for a board made with sturdy material.

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