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Saving is a good habit. Let your kids learn to save and appreciate money early with a kid's money bank. Using a money jar can develop healthy money management and counting skills in kids as they use their pocket money to create a piggy bank. A kid's money bank is the ideal way of storing money and saving it.

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Kids' Money Banks Buying Guide

Kid's money banks are jars that come in various shapes and sizes and are primarily useful for storing the house's spare change. It is an optimised way of keeping money that can help you buy something you have always wanted over some time. However, as easy as it may seem, purchasing a money bank is not easy. Here are a few features you must look for in an ideal money bank for your kid.

Digital Money Jar

Nowadays, money jars come with a digital LCD that shows you the total amount of money currently in the pot. Every time you slip in a coin or two, you will not have to make the calculations in your head to count the total. Not only this, if you wish to buy a gift for your loved ones and are saving money each day, the digital counter will let you know when you reach the threshold amount. The digital counter can recognise all UK coins with extreme precision and accuracy.

Wide variety of colours and designs available

Kid's money banks are available in a wide variety of designs and colours for you to pick what your child likes best. You can select them in different shapes and sizes as well. Preferably buying a transparent jar will let you see how much room you have left for more coins.

Large capacity to store coins

Ideal money banks must have a large capacity to store coins. Good quality jars have a holding capacity of around 1.8L, which means you can add about 800-1000 coins before reaching its brim. The habit of saving money develops with years of constant patience, and with the right money jar, it gets more fun.

The perfect gift for your kid     

Piggy banks for kids come in well presented elegant packaging. Whether it be a Christmas gift or a birthday present, you can always give your kids these money banks. Available in various shapes, sizes, colours, and designs, they make an ideal gift for your kids. These jars can help them learn the importance of saving money and give them one place to keep their pocket money.

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