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While reviewing paint for children, it is better to look for washable, non-toxic paints. Also, ensure that the paint does not contain any material that your child is allergic to such as soy and gluten.

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Painting is a messy way through which children can freely express themselves. We can boost their creativity by praising them with the most convenient style of paint.

Tempera paints for matt finish

Tempera paints are thick and opaque paints that dry with matt finish. They can be used on paper, cardboard and other non-greasy surfaces. Tempera paints are available in liquid and powder forms. However, powder paints are not recommended for kids.

A neat way to paint: Paint sticks

Paint sticks provide a non-messy way to paint. They operate similar to a glue stick, just position and apply directly on the surface. The paint usually dries within 60 seconds. Paint sticks can be found as metallic, glittery and matt paints. You don't have to worry about dirty brushes and water while using paint sticks.

Acrylic paints for junior experts

Acrylic paints are thick and opaque paints that can be made transparent or translucent by adding the respective amount of water. The paint does not fade away easily and dries quickly. Acrylic paint can be easily cleaned under the wet condition and becomes permanent as they dry. They can be found as paint tubes, bottles or jars. The paint dries with a glossy finish.


Squeeze-n-brush is nothing but paint tubes with a brush on top. You don't need to worry about brushes or colour bottles as the paint is itself a brush. Just position the brush on the paper and squeeze while brushing. The tool makes painting as easy as writing for kids while delivering even and smooth strokes. The brushes are washable and can be refilled with paint for multiple uses.

Watercolour and finger paints

Watercolour are watery, translucent paints. They are generally served in pallets containing pre-mixed paint that can be combined with water and used. Watercolours are used on thick paper or cardboards that can readily absorb water. If your kid is creative with fingers, you can go for a finger paint that is non-toxic and washable. Finger paints can be slippery, sticky and transparent. Finger paints are usually available with stamp caps.

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