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Kids deserve all the fun, attention and affection in the world. And what can offer them all of these better than parties and celebrations? It goes without saying that such events are conducted by parents, caretakers or teachers of the children. And it is not an easy task to organise such exciting events. Lucky for you, there are lots of helpful tools available that reduce your workload and worries behind being the perfect host. Kids' party invitations and birthday cards are absolute must-haves that save your time in inviting your little one's friends.

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Kids' Party Invitations & Birthday Cards Buying Guide

We all know that if a child is on their birthday, the whole class and neighbour kids must be invited. It is far from practical to call or meet each of them when you can just post it all or send your child with a stack of cards to be distributed.

The essential features

Party or birthday invites can be in any shape, size and form you and your child want them to be. But certain quintessential features cannot be compromised. The card must have allotted, ample spaces to write when, where and how the party is conducted, and by whom, so that the invitees' parents can schedule their arrival accordingly. An RSVP column may also be required for parties that demand the exact number of guests.

The product quality and appearance

It goes without saying that kids' party invitations and cards must be appealing to the eye with bold colours and patterns. The idea behind is that the card grabs the kid's attention enough for him or her to note or remember the upcoming party awaiting them. Very young children don't plan or schedule; thus, the card must be catchy. Though cards with sheen and gloss are lovely, you must be able to write the party details correctly on them. Thoughtfully crafted cards will have matte finish spaces allocated for this.

In reducing wastage

Kids are unpredictable and not very conscious of the environment. Thus it crucial that the party invites be made of recycled and biodegradable materials, should they lose or carelessly discard them. The dyes or inks used in the cards should also be natural or toxin-free if the child chews on them.

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