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It is important to keep kids occupied in play during their formative years. A kids' keyboard is a great way to do so and following this guide to know all there is about children's keyboards and pianos will have you and your little one jamming out some fun tunes in no time.

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Kids' Pianos & Keyboards Buying Guide

The fact that kids respond well to music is well known. Introducing a musical instrument such as a keyboard to your child at a young age will equip them with a broad skill set; improving concentration and hand-eye coordination are just some of the benefits that children can reap through musical toys.

Types of toys

Although there is much variety in design and colour, there are mainly two types of such toys you can pick from: a piano mat or a children's keyboard. Both of these are equally fun, but each type is equipped with some specific features.

Keyboard/piano sets

These are a child-size version of a keyboard. It is typically made of plastic and may come with a slot for replaceable or rechargeable batteries, or they may need to be plugged in while being used. Most keyboard sets come with different tunes or nursery rhymes pre-recorded so that children can listen and add to those melodies themselves.

Piano dance mats

Dance mats are the perfect way to keep kids active while also improving their cognitive skills. These mats are typically meant for toddlers and are made of plastic and fibre. They come in different designs with vibrant colours, and the sounds are activated by applying force onto a "key" on the mat. Some dance mats come with the option to play different tunes and sounds, like animal sounds or nursery rhymes.

What to look out for

When it comes to toys of any kind, size is one of the most critical factors. If you buy a keyboard set, ensure that there is ample storage space for it. Dance mats can be folded and put away; hence they do not take up too much space. When purchasing a piano dance mat for children, make sure it's mentioned that the mat is not slippery.

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