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Cycling is one of the pivotal moments of every child's developmental process in life. When your kid gets bored from the other household toys, a tricycle is a perfect way to keep him/her entertained and occupied. Tricycles are also ideal for instilling and encouraging independence in your children at a young age.

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Kids' Trikes Buying Guide

As babies start to grow up and walk independently, much of their enthusiasm lies in being mobile and observing moving objects. Tricycles are one of the most fun ways to encourage the development of your child's motor skills, stability, and confidence. However, with the availability of never-ending options in kids' tricycles, it can become quite confusing for the parents to choose a particular one. The following buying guide aims to offer a comprehensive view of the numerous factors one must consider before purchasing tricycles for their children.

Indoor Vs. outdoor trikes

Most tricycles sold in the markets are usually small and compact enough to fit inside a house. However, manoeuvring tricycles inside a home requires child-friendly space, where a kid can have no accidental collisions with everyday objects and furniture. Indoor trikes generally get made from lightweight plastic, making them easier to carry and move around the home. On the other hand, outdoor tricycles (meant for backyard or park use) must have a sturdy frame for enduring the gravel and dirt on the road without quickly getting damaged.

An age-based classification of tricycles

There is no fixed age-limit as to when you can buy a tricycle for your child. But, the type of design and build of tricycles become different as your child grows. Children can quickly learn how to use a trike when they're only two years old. Infant tricycles are ideal for babies between the ages of 12-24 months. These tricycles are often available with long handlebars connected to the wheels, allowing the parents to steer the trike when they're outside. Children above three years of age usually start learning to ride the tricycle slowly by themselves, which is excellent for strengthening and exercising their lower body muscles.

Considering a vital factor: safety

When kids are in the stage of exploring their mobility skills, it's necessary to ensure the presence of safety features in any equipment or toy you buy for them. A tricycle must be sturdy and well-built, which guarantees that it's less likely to fall over. A sizable front wheel offers more excellent stability, especially for growing babies who are just starting to learn to ride trikes. Tricycles for 1-12 months babies are generally available with a set of protective belt harnesses and a safety bar. The outdoor trike must have a strong metal frame and rubber tires to resist the uneven and bumpy surfaces outside. 

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