Top 12 Kitchen Blow Torches

Kitchen blowtorches is a classic device used by many chefs to finish off a meringue or creme brulee. For many home chefs who are enthusiastic to try out challenging dishes, it is a must-have device in the kitchen. Therefore, you need to consider reliable factors before buying a kitchen blow torch for consistency and reliability.

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Kitchen Blow Torches Buying Guide

A professional-grade kitchen blow torches is a piece of great equipment for avid home bakers or professional chests. The press ignition must follow the safety standards for immediate lighting. The adjustable flame and refillable feature allow the gas to lock when it is turned off safely. An ideal blow torch can flame up to 6 inches with temperatures ranging from 2370-degree Fahrenheit to 1300 degree Celsius. Once the torch is out of gas, you can quickly refill it with any brand of butane. There should be no fuss about only the usage of specific brands.

Finger Guard For Safety

An ideal kitchen blow torch must have a finger guard safety to protect you from burns and extreme heat that comes off while using it. The built-in finger guard must be constructed with certified aluminium and ABS plastic for increased comfort. When it comes to applications, it is not just for the kitchen, but can be used in multiple ways for searing meat, cigars, BBQ, camping, lighting a fire, flambé and many more. It is useful in cards and artworks as well. Hence make sure the model you are choosing is not just limited to the kitchen.

Searing Dual Flames

This is an excellent characteristic to look out for when buying a kitchen blow torch. It can be easily switched with simple rotation and keeps the continuous fire mode-locked. If you push the ignition button to "OFF", the flame can be extinguished in no time. Moreover, an ideal blow torch must have adjustable flame stretch for flexibility in the kitchen. The required adjustments can be suitable for various purposes such as creme brulee, soldering jewellery, BBQ or baking. Make sure to get a reliable model that is consistent with your needs.

Airtight Design With Reliable Construction

Most of the brands design the kitchen blow torch in steel material and heat-withstanding ceramics for durable use. The one-piece design provides an ideal airtightness and helps slow or avoid the leakage. The safety lock ensures that the device is not misused by children and prevents accidental ignition. Overall, make sure to get the universal refill model for efficient usage.