Top 12 Knife Sharpeners

Knives are an indispensable tool. With time and usage, it gets dull and blunt. A knife with a blunt blade can be annoying and of little use. Instead of purchasing new knives every time the inevitable happens, you can just buy a knife sharpener. It is a valuable and cost-effective tool to have around.

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Knife Sharpeners Buying Guide

A dull knife can make life unnecessarily complicated. It takes a lot of time, and efforts, to cut anything. Working with it gets frustrating fast. Instead of buying a new set of knives, just get a knife sharpener. It will help you to polish and sharpen the blade. Such an instrument is beneficial for people who work with knives a lot, like a chef. A sharp edge will help you to slice, cut, and carve your food more quickly and with greater precision. A knife sharpener is a sound investment that proves to cost-effective in the long run. Choose one with care.

The type of knife in question

What kind of knife do you possess? Is it hardened? Serrated? Some sharpeners can work on all sorts of knives, whether they are straight-edged steel kitchen knives, have serrated blades, or are made of hardened steel. Also, check what kind of serrated knife you have, if it is a wide serrated knife like bread knives or a micro-serrated knife. Most brands will tell you what kind of knives you cannot sharpen on their tool. Knife sharpeners will often ask you not to sharpen ceramic knives, single bevelled edge knives, whetstone or steel sharpened knives, and Japanese style knives.

How well it sharpens

As the name suggests, sharpening is the primary function of a knife sharpener. Hence, how well it does its job is something you have to examine if you want a good knife sharpener. Check what it is built of and its design. A good knife sharpener will hone your knife at an optimal angle, no matter how blunt it is. It should remove the excess metal smoothly and rapidly. Using light pressure should be enough. The sharpener may have coarse tungsten carbide steel plates and ceramic slots. Some come with many sharpening options so that different kinds of blades can be used on them.

Convenient and safe to use

A knife sharpener that can be conveniently used and has taken care of safety issues is indeed an asset. Some sharpeners assure hands-free safety. A comfortable handle helps you grip it comfortably; the non-slip rubber base will provide the sharpener with stability. Check the suction force. A small and light knife sharpener can be easily stored away.