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There are a large number of reasons why one should have knurling tools as a part of their homes; they are convenient for decorative purposes and on serration surfaces where different components are fitted together in unit assemblies. However, buying a knurling tool is not as simple as its name sounds.

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Knurling Tools Buying Guide

Even after providing a wide range of applications, knurling tools are quite underrated in the modern world. People mainly use knurling tools to process the patterns of different surfaces and as small to medium-sized lathes. One can make straight, diagonal, and diamond-shaped patterns using this tool. There are various technicalities involved with the knurling tool, and it is best to know them all before one decides to purchase it. This buying guide on knurling tools aims to help you find the best one available in the market to fit your needs.

Various types of knurling tools available in the market

Like any other tool, one variant of a knurling tool cannot perform every application related to it. One needs a different type of instrument to perform various knurling operations, and there are primarily three types of knurling tools. Straight knurling tools are simple tools used to cut smaller diameters; one can use them on most of the materials. The diamond knurling tool creates patterns that are raised in such a manner to form a diamond pattern on any workpiece and for a decorative finish. Diagonal knurling tools consist of two rollers in a twill direction; people mainly use them on hard rubber.

A knurling tool has to be versatile.

Versatility is a must-have feature for every tool that exists in the market. Various deciding features make a knurling tool versatile. Look for the knurling instrument that can perform diamond knurling with multiple diameters. For left and right knurling, the knurling tool needs to have a reversible head. The knurl forming and cutting must be heavy duty with a knurling head that has double wheel forming. It must have a wide range of diameter to perform knurling operation on differently sized objects. A versatile knurling tool can make your experience a lot more comfortable and quick.

Additional features and characteristic of a knurling tool

The knurling tool's shank size should be interchangeable; the more the number of heads, the more the number of surfaces on which you can work. The head's adjustability is one of the significant points one should keep in mind before buying a knurling tool. Consider a steel knurling tool over others because of the rigidity it provides; it is more durable. And lastly, check for the comfortability of the grip to avoid any accident.

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