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With the correct supply of lab equipments, experiments are fun. One such equipment is a lab beaker used for distributing, stirring and warming liquids in the laboratory. On the top of the beaker is a spout which helps in pouring the liquid.

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Lab Beakers Buying Guide

Whether you are working in a laboratory in school or professionally, a lab beaker can safely perform experiments and measure the contents. Not all containers are the same; hence please make sure they are suitable for your purpose. While conducting experiments, safety must be foremost!

A versatile product

The cylindrical container usually has a flat surface and a beak to help in pouring the liquid. The variety of beakers available in the market is as varied as this little tool's uses. Any person who intends to purchase this lab equipment can get baffled by the sheer variety. Some beakers are versatile and can be used in the kitchen as well. Please consider various factors when selecting lab beakers for your experiments.

Minding the material aspect

With the advancement of technology and science, products are specifically made in different materials to satisfy individual needs and preferences. The same goes for laboratory beakers. Determine the type of material you need before making the final choice. In today's time, beakers are usually made from borosilicate glass as the material can withstand high temperatures. However, beakers made from stainless steel, aluminium, polythene and polypropylene are also commonly used. Plastic beakers have the advantage of easy cleaning. A chemical, heat and thermal shock beaker is always a better option.

Which type of lab beaker is perfect for you?

Almost all the beakers are designed to withstand temperature up to a certain degree. Therefore, it is advisable to check the temperature you will use in your application to avoid risks. Please make sure that your beaker is compatible to work with the temperature of your liquid. Furthermore, both single-use and reusable beakers are available in the market. If you prefer single-use containers, disposable beakers will make the right choice. Beakers with multiple spouts are also available in the market.

Additional features for convenience

Pick a lab beaker whose shape and thickness is comfortable for you. Beakers with handles are a good option for a more comfortable and stable grip. Buying a big beaker for a small quantity of liquid would not represent good judgement. The size of the beaker varies from as small as one millimetre up to several litres. Apart from storage, the other function of a beaker is taking the measurement. Thus, the scales should be accurate and clearly marked.

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