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Selecting lab tools can be a complex undertaking in itself, especially if you are unfamiliar with the various options available. For example, when choosing labware, one of the most common questions is whether to go with glass or plastic. Different materials have different characteristics, and it is necessary to choose the right one, especially when working with hazardous compounds.

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Lab Bottles & Jars Buying Guide

A laboratory scientist continuously searches for container materials to handle and dispense various solvents, acids, lubricants, and other liquids. Lab bottles and jars are available in a wide range of forms and sizes, as well as differing levels of perfection. The elements that influence your decision of laboratory bottles and jars are discussed in this reference.

What shape to choose?

The application and purpose to which lab jars and bottles will be put will dictate the form and size used. Narrow-mouth pots have a smaller hole for dispensing liquids precisely. Wide-mouth containers have a bigger opening that makes it easier to fill them with various solids and liquids. Sampling bottles and jars provide for easy filling and withdrawal of materials. Square bottles can be conveniently put next to one another on shelves, allowing for more containers to be kept. 

Glass vs Plastic

The most significant confusion while choosing lab bottles and jars is whether to go for glass or plastic. In laboratories, glassware has long superseded plastic ware. It brings various benefits, like high visibility, waterproof, reusable, easily sterilisable, and heatable. In comparison, plastic has made the handling of samples collected more convenient. It also has various advantages, such as unbreakable and flexible, light in weight, more straightforward to manage, and inexpensive. Regardless of which bottle you choose from, glass or plastic, you must ensure that it is of excellent quality.

Other factors to consider

A consumer making the decision can consider various other factors. For example, the UV protection provided, the protection against photochemical effects caused by blue light, the airtight sealing situation, and the bottles' desired size as small size make it ideal for travel.

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