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Lab centrifuges are an essential tool for both researchers and medical practitioners as it effectively separates the components of the liquid placed in it. These machines come in various sizes, with various capacities and have certain benefits.

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Lab centrifuges, simply known as centrifuges, are electronic devices that are used in laboratories to separate parts of liquids using centrifugal force that in turn draws out the lighter substances towards the middle and the denser ones towards the end.

How do they work?

The machine has a circular contraction where fit test tubes can be inserted at a slightly tilted angle and secured in place. Then the lid is closed and the speed and timer are set and the machine spins the tubes at a high speed which leads to the generation of centrifugal force. This force then leads to the denser components of the liquids settling at the bottom while the less dense components move upward.

What are its uses and applications?

They are widely used in many biochemical labs for testing, analysing and separating various liquids. Uses like separation and analysation of plasma, production of urea, appraising radioactive immunity, etc. They are also frequently found in hospitals and other foundations for tasks like separation of cells and other liquids.

Why are they necessary?

Without the application of external force, the liquids would not separate and such strong and fast force is almost impossible to achieve by a person’s hands for long periods. Not only does the machine do the tough work, but it is also efficient and saves the researcher time and effort, making it a great product. Also, companies have developed handy and smaller versions of the machine which make them even more efficient and accessible.

What features vary?

The power consumption of the machines differs and so do their minimum and maximum speeds, this feature is especially important to keep in mind since your use of the machine determines the highest speeds and power it can attain. Some machines have a glass cover while others don’t. The noise emitted by the machines as well as the capacity of it varies as well. Factors like these must be taken into consideration while making the purchase.

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