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A household can be found without an oven, but a laboratory cannot be! Laboratory ovens differ significantly from those used in common households, especially in their temperature, which can have a high range. These machines are standard to any laboratory and are heavy duty. The buyer cannot use the usual method to buy this equipment as they have many additional factors that need to be considered.

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Lab Ovens Buying Guide

The temperature provided by the laboratory oven is consistent and precise, which makes it suitable for heating, baking, evaporating, sterilizing, and many other industrial laboratory functions. There are many types of laboratory ovens and each serves many purposes. However, the paramount qualities of lab ovens are providing forced and natural convection, inert atmosphere, horizontal airflow, and pass through. When looking to buy a machine so sophisticated, the procedure of buying should be detailed as well. This all-inclusive guide takes the buyer halfway there.

What’s the primary factor?

The different uses of a lab oven include dehydrating, sterilizing, annealing, and evaporating. The buyer should identify their purpose and choose accordingly. Some lab ovens are universal and can perform all the functions but are usually not cost-effective. The types of ovens that can be bought are standard, high-duty, high temperature, vacuum, forced air convection, and gravity convection ovens. It is critical that the buyer goes through the characteristics of each of these types while making the right choice.

Perfect construction inside-out.

Another foremost factor to consider is the oven construction, which includes the temperature range controlled by automatic thermostat controls, corrosive-resistant interior, high-density exterior, and a scratch-resistant finish. To ensure that the oven has these properties, the buyer should look for an oven interior with heavy-steel double wall and an outer cabinet with high-density mineral wool.

What should not be missed?

It is essential that the oven is energy-efficient and has a low-watt density Incoloy sheathed elements so that the run-up and recovery time is not high. The ovens that come with a perforated heat-shield cannot distribute the heat waves and the temperature uniformly, so it is advisable that the buyer looks for an one that has one.

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