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Small tools made of plastic, lab pipettes are used in laboratories to pick and transfer liquids in a clean, mess-free manner. These tubes are very common equipment that is found in all labs and loved by customers due to their easy usage and effective results. These products come with different features that suit different uses.

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Lab Pipettes Buying Guide

Commonly used in laboratories, lab pipettes are transparent and have a certain holding capacity for liquids. In some cases, these pipettes can also be used for culinary or other purposes.

What are they and how do they work?

These pipettes are mostly made of plastic, but some pipettes and droppers have silicone droppers.  When the top part of the pipette is pressed, a vacuum is created in the pipette, and when the opening of the pipette is put in the liquid and the dropper is released, the presence of the vacuum allows the liquid to enter and fill the space in the pipette, then when the pressure on the top is removed, the liquid inside pours out.

Why is it used?

Directly transferring liquids from bottles to tubes or vice versa can be a messy task and cause spillage and wastage. Some liquids are even unsafe to touch with bare hands. Thus, to make the process of transferring these liquids from one place to another efficient and mess-free, people use pipettes. The pointed opening ensures a neat transfer and the simple mechanism of the tool makes it easy to use for anyone.

What are its common applications?

Perhaps the most common use of such pipettes would be in laboratories, to transfer liquids between vials. Other than that, it can be used for culinary purposes as well as crafting purposes. Aromatic liquids and oils are often stored in dropper bottles for ease of access and used in crafting.

What features to keep in mind?

They are not too expensive and are relatively easier to clean and use but the selection of the correct size is crucial to ensure your pipette fulfils its tasks. The features like silicone top, pipettes that come with bottles, etc. are important to consider before buying.

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