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A piece of equipment required to mix samples using circular motions. These have two different types: Orbital and Vortex used for labs and personals uses respectively. To aid to the even mixing of the substances, such shakers are used in labs frequently and these products are efficient and time saving for their users.

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Lab shakers, also known as Orbital or Vortex shakers, are electronic devices that shake the substance placed vigorously to aid to the mixing of the contents. While orbital shakers are used dominantly in labs, vortex shakers can be more frequently encountered in salons, nail salons, homes, etc.

What are they and how do they work?

Orbital shakers have a flat surface and upon the placement of the substance on it, move in small circular motions to help mix it. Vortex shakers, on the other hand, hold the bottle/vial upside down and let it spin at a faster speed to mix its contents.

What are the different uses of Orbital and Vortex lab shakers?

Orbital shakers are frequently used in medical set-up and chemical laboratories, medical centres, hospitals and educational set-ups to demonstrate and aid in various experiments and tests. Vortex shakers are frequently used for mixing regular items like paint, nail polish, tattoo ink, glue, pigments, etc. They can be found at beauty salons, tattoo art shops and homes.

What are the pros and cons?

Orbital shakers are considerably pricier but also have a larger capacity and are used for technical purposes. Vortex shakers are slightly less pricey but are limited to small quantities and regular use. Most shakers come with a plug that must be connected for them to work and run on electricity while some come with batteries that can be charged and then the shaker becomes portable.

What are the features and point to look out for?

There are various factors to be considered before purchasing a shaker to make sure it is perfect for its specific use. Noise emitted by the machine should be low for comfort and presence of timers also aids to convenience. The power intake and maximum or minimum speed are also an important factor to consider. Some of the most popular brands that manufacture and sell lab shakers are Techlifer, Poweka, EMGOD, YUCHENGTECH, etc.

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