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In laboratories, test tubes are one of the most common equipments that serve various purposes. These glass/metal tubes with a rounded end are used to hold or mix substances. They are an essential tool for any lab and come in various sizes and capacities for customers to choose from, suiting their desired use for them.

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Lab tubes, also known as test tubes, are laboratory equipment made out of either glass or plastic that are used to hold, store or mix substances. They are very common laboratory equipment and are easily available in the market.

What is it?

The tubes are cylindrical and have a round bottom, thus, many come with stands. The material of the tubes is usually glass or plastic. They have a certain holding capacity that is often represented in millilitres and most tubes come with a cork or plastic stopper/lid to close it shut.

What is the major difference between the glass and plastic tubes?

Glass tubes are highly resistant to heat, can withstand strong acids and bases and are easier to clean. But at the same time, they are highly prone to breaking and thus, major accidents and have to be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Plastic tubes are lighter, recyclable, cheaper and less prone to accidents or damage. But plastic tubes cannot bear harsh temperatures and lack clarity.

What are its uses and applications?

In laboratories, they help mix up certain substances and hold the mix in place to observe the results of the experiments. In schools, they are used to show experiments and results to students. In more common settings, these vials are used to hold essential oils, fragrances, etc. or even edible items or toiletries by many people.

What are the specific features?

The shape of the tubes is a spherical ended cylinder, however, factors of the tubes vary. The material it is made of, if it comes with a stand or not, if it is re-usable or not, if it comes with a lid or not are questions that are necessary to keep in mind while purchasing to make sure the tubes fit your specific requirements. Some popular brands that manufacture and sell test tubes are Plastic Test Tubes LTD, Wandefol, KINDPMA, etc.

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