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A label or a sticker is a piece of paper or any other material affixed to a product or container, giving information about it. Labels and stickers are used to make identification of things more comfortable.

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Labels & Stickers Buying Guide

A wide range of labels and stickers are available in various formats, materials and sizes in the market. Therefore, it can be challenging for prospective buyers to choose the right item.

Labels and stickers; the difference

Labels and stickers are unique both in their uses and material. Stickers are usually made of thick premium vinyl whereas labels are made with a thinner BOPP film. Stickers are mostly used for promotion or included within the packaging. On the other hand, labels are used in production because they are faster to peel. Both items are used in offices and homes.

What is the purpose of use?

Where and on what surface will you use the label or sticker is the first thing to keep in mind. The surface will determine what kind of features you will need in this stationery item. The other thing to keep in mind while choosing the right product is the size and shape of the label. A 4 sheeted labels are the standard size available. Before buying a label, think about what you want to write or print on it and where you will stick it. As for shapes, rectangle, square, round and oval are the popular shapes.

Types of labels and stickers

Labels and stickers are available in many varieties, each having diverse functions. Address labels are used for sending envelope mailing and come in many different formats, colours and sizes. Weatherproof labels are ideal for outdoor labelling as they are temperature resistant. Freezer labels remain adhered when frozen. The other types of labels include transparent labels, filing labels and parcel labels.

Other factors to keep in mind

Before buying the label, make sure it is compatible with the printer you intend to use. Some of the labels are compatible with inkjet, laser, digital or small home printers. It is always advisable to check this feature before buying. Many labels are hand writable and suitable for a wide range of home and office application. You will not need a printer to use these items.

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