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Be it a photo identification card or an important legal document – using a laminator can help you keep your belongings safe & protected for years to come. Similarly, most restaurants, cafes, and diners tend to laminate their food menus to avoid damage from spills, dust, and creases. Even if you plan on creating a photo wall on the empty bedroom wall, laminating the photographs could be an excellent way to begin. Laminators are quite useful for both household and workplace use, making them a worthy and long-term investment.

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Laminators Buying Guide

Say your kid made you a touching card at school, and that is something you want to cherish forever – it would be best to laminate the card before storing it away. Moreover, laminating can also prevent pictures and documents from turning yellow over time. There are more such ways a laminator can be put to use – however, one needs to start by considering several features that this guide will point out.

Choose Hot & Cold/Dual Function Laminators

Laminators use both hot and cold methods for laminating – but it is better to buy one that has both settings to meet different requirements. The temperature generated by the thermal system roller heats the laminating pouches and then bonds the print to the bag – which is most widely used. On the other hand, the cold laminating settings are better suited for items sensitive to high temperatures and heat, such as old pictures or documents that can be easily damaged.

Fast Warm-Up and & Smooth Laminating are Vital

When you use the hot laminating settings, the device usually takes up some time to warm up. While some laminators take anywhere between three to five minutes, others take only one – and the faster the warm-up speed, the better. Similarly, the laminator you choose must have high-speed functioning, thereby improving work efficiency. Buyers should go with laminators equipped with a double-roller design that ensures quicker, long-lasting, and smoother lamination without bubbles, wrinkles, curled edges, and blistering.

Jam-Release Button is a Must-Have

A common problem with using laminators is that paper or pouches get jammed while the machine is still functioning, which can be quite damaging to both your documents and the laminator. Therefore, buyers should prefer laminators with an anti-jam button that quickly and effortlessly releases stuck pouches/paper once pressed. Moreover, this feature can also prove useful for a heavy workload and rapid laminating.

Additional Features to Look for

Besides having a noiseless operation and a compact & lightweight design for easy portability, the laminator should have broad application. The machine should support laminating pouches of different sizes plus A4, A5, and A6 paper and must be suitable for photographs, postcards, business cards, posters, etcetera. Some laminators come with included pouches, paper cutters & trimmers, corner rounders, and other such accessories – something one can consider. Lastly, buyers must prefer laminating machines with at least a one-year warranty period and good customer support services.

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