Top 12 Lamp Bases

There are millions of lamps of every shade, style, height, pattern, colour and price range. And yet, there are multiple instances when none of the options seems fitting, which is when people either turn towards customising their own lamps by choosing lampshades and lamp bases as per their liking.

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Lamp Bases Buying Guide

Lamp bases are saviours of anyone wanting to revive their old lamps or just assembling a lamp they can call their own. A variety of lamps that is complete without lamp bases is still not made. The décor of the area where the lamp is going to be placed should match with it, and the bases play a significant role in this aspect. The lamps’ bases come installed with bulb holders, which doubles the factors that need to be looked at while purchasing a lamp base. All of the properties of bases influence the complete look of a lamp. A product so important is just as hard to buy, but not with the help of this buying guide that includes every possible factor that needs to be addressed before getting a lamp base.

The innovative styles

There are as many kinds of lamp bases as there are lamps. Floor, hanging, accordion, swing arm, track tree, arc floor, and likeness are kinds of lamps that differ based on the styles of their bases. Floor, track tree, and arc floor lamps require long bases that stand on floors without any support, and track tree and arc floor are usually thin and long.  Accordion and swing arm need bases that can be fixed to a wall, but the body of the base is still flexible, so the direction of the light can be changed.

Lampshade, base and bulb

Some of the bases are designed in a way that looks pleasing even without lampshades. However, if the lampshade is to be installed on the base, they should be compatible with each other else, the shade might sustain damage. Typically, bases do not come installed with bulbs but have fixtures for bulbs. LED bulbs are the most recommended and used option since they are less prone to causing damage to the base due to their low electricity consumption.

A base that does not disappoint

Since a base is more than half the essence of a lamp, its material and structure should be chosen carefully. The most extensively bought and long-standing materials of lamp bases are ceramic, wood, glass, and metal. Lamps are mostly connected to power sources, but nowadays, ones with rechargeable batteries can be easily found. It is not mandatory to choose a lamp base with just one bulb fixture as plenty of bases that can accommodate two or three bulbs are equally useful and trendy.