Top 12 Laptop Cooling Pads & External Fans

Overheating is one of the reasons why laptops may not be performing well or get their lifespan reduced. Prolonged hours of use, lack of ventilation, etc., are just a couple of reasons why your laptop might be overheating. Nifty solutions like laptop cooling pads and external fans help prevent your laptop from overheating. Whether you are a working professional or an avid gamer, owning one such tool would significantly improve your laptop's health and life, thereby ensuring its maximum utilisation.

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Laptop Cooling Pads & External Fans Buying Guide

The design and mechanism

Laptop cooling pads and external fans differ in their design and operative functions. Cooling pads, as the name suggests, come as a pad that can be placed underneath the laptop while using. The size can differ as they are manufactured to match different laptop models. However, there are standard-sized pads available in the market that can fit most. They have two or three in-built fans with a metal mesh covering them. The airflow dissipates the heat emitted and helps the laptop stay cool.

External fans usually come as air extracting cooler blocks.  They are compact and relatively smaller than cooling pads. When attached to the laptop, the fan inside the block sucks out the hot air released, instantly starting forth the cooling action. Both instruments can be connected to the laptop via a USB cable, and most come with two or three ports.

Ideal features

Ease of use should be the number one priority for any gadget. With additional tools, it could be disrupted. However, choosing the right device ensures seamless operation. Lightweight cooling pads and external fans ensure higher portability. Noise-free fans are quintessential for an undisturbed working condition.  The adjustability of temperature could also come in handy. An ergonomic design is much required, especially with cooling pads. Adjustable height levels or an angled top provide an ideal position for the laptop to work on.