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As the name indicates, semiconductors are the materials whose electrical conductivity falls between Conductors (metals) & Non-conductors (Ceramic). Silicon, Germanium are pure or intrinsic semiconductors. Their properties are altered by adding impurities to obtain the desired characteristics. P-type of semiconductor is made by the addition of impurities like Boron, Gallium, Indium or Aluminum. Adding impurities like Phosperous, Arsenic, Antimony result in N-type semiconductor. The p-n junction gets created when the p-type and n-type semiconductors are joined, is called a p-n junction diode.

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A Diode Laser uses a p-n junction to generate waves. These waves are of the same frequency. Ordinarily, light from Sun or a lamp is scattered & spreads over a large area. Laser light varies from other kinds of light and has certain distinct advantages as it is very bright, concentrated and can be focused over a very narrow area in the form of a line, cross or a dot. Diode Lasers come in different sizes & specifications based on the application.

Specifications to be kept in mind

Be it a new application or a replacement requirement, following specifications need to be considered before looking out for a suitable diode laser. Consider the type of application like a level instrument, communication, machine alignment apparatus, engraving, cutting paper, leather, floor tiles, or any medical device.  Operating temperature range, Optical power output required, the wavelength of a laser beam, working voltage, laser shape required, Line/Cross/dot, whether focusable provision required & if additional focus lens is needed.

Temperature & protection requirements

If the operating temperature is more than the diode laser specifications, cooling fan or arrangement must be considered. Some diode lasers come with inbuilt safeguards such as  Reverse power protection, Short circuit protection & Anti-static protection. Need for these protections also needs to taken into consideration.

Buy mounting brackets

Specially designed mounting brackets suitable for various diode lasers mounting & adjustment are available. The right mounting bracket can be selected for safe mounting and easy handling of these products. While handling higher power output diode lasers, protective goggles need to be used as eye protection.

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