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Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are the most common semiconductor diodes that are used today. Purchasing LEDs with no prior knowledge of diodes can be confusing, but that's what this guide is for! This guide will have you up to date on all that you need to know about LEDs so that you can make a satisfying purchase.

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LED Diodes Buying Guide

LEDs are most commonly used in TVs and any other colour display. The quirk of an LED is that it will pass current in the forward direction but will block the flow of current in the reverse direction. They are made of a thin layer of semiconductor material, and depending on the type of material used, the LED will emit a coloured light at a particular spectral wavelength.

Why an LED

The uses of an LED are extensive. From night and art lights to headlights in toy cars, you can fit an LED just about anywhere you need light. The advantages of an LED are that it gives bright and intense light, comes in a range of colours, and is energy efficient and durable. They can also operate smoothly in places with temperature fluctuations.

The LED colours

The colour emitted by an LED is determined by the wavelength of the light, which is determined by the compound present in the semiconductor material. Thus, the colour of an LED has nothing to do with the colour of the plastic head, although it can enhance the colour emitted. Typical LED colours are: white, infra-red, red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Flashing LEDs

These may look like regular LEDs, but they come equipped with an integrated circuit, apart from the LED itself. Flashing LEDs can be connected directly to a supply voltage (5V OR 12V) without the need for a series resistor. It is advisable to check the safe range of supply voltage with the manufacturer for the flashing LEDs you've got your eye on.

Pre-wired LEDs

Pre-wired LEDs are the easiest to work with as they already come assembled. Most pre-wired LEDs also come with a resistor; however, this will have to be checked with the manufacturer. They usually require a battery of 12V. 

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