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Lever hoists have several industrial and heavy-duty applications. They are lighter in weight, making them the most preferred type of leverage for manufacturing and non-industrial use. Lever hoists are evolved continuously in terms of design towards improved security, adaptability, and performance.

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A level hoist is an equipment used to lift and lower heavy loads. The lever hoist can lift most of the items, both vertically and horizontally. It can be used for dragging, stretching, pulling, and positioning heavy loads. 

Features of lever hoists

A lever hoist usually has a heavy-duty safety cap to hold the item in place. The swivel connection allows easy lifting from every angle. The handwheel can be rotated to control the length of the chain. The lever hoist contains a ratchet lever that allows the chain to be free-willed under the neutral state. The ratchet tightens the chain when placed upwards, allowing the load to be lifted due to the tension. The ratchet lever must be turned to the downward position to lower the load, and the lever should be cracked to lower the chain. 

Lever specification

Load capacity is the maximum load for which the hoist is designed to lift. Another factor to consider is the lifting medium such as chain, wire rope, or strap. Lift is the maximum length a hoist can provide for raising or lowering the load. Standard lifts are generally 8, 10, 15, and 20 feet in length. Lever material and construction is an essential factor to consider. Aluminium, steel or cast iron are the primary material used in lever hoist.

Types of lever hoists

A coil chain types are the primary popular type since the chain is flexible in all directions and easy to inspect for wear. A roller chain, on the other hand, will not tolerate side pulls. However, they can be grafted together if additional expansion or replacement is required. Wire rope is proficient in lower lifting capacities. They are more sensitive to wears and are challenging to inspect. Rope strands can break or shred from inside, making them difficult to detect.

Brake type

The standard type of brake used in lever hoists is friction, ratchet, and pawl brakes. The friction type of brake gives more precise positioning due to its intrinsic characteristics of lifting or pulling in short increments. The ratchet and pawl brake levers can be used where accurate positioning of the object is not a necessity.

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