Top 12 Lift Magnets

Lift or lifting magnets are an absolute boon to any industry requiring lifting and transporting heavy metal objects. From automobile manufacturers to home appliance production, lift magnets make lifting and assembling various parts far easier, efficient, and ethical than manual lifting. They are also widely used by hobbyists and explorers in their day-to-day life. Read on to learn more about this wondrous equipment's multiple uses and how to buy them according to your needs.

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Lift Magnets Buying Guide

Lifting of heavy metals and picking tiny, unnoticeable metal tools are tiring tasks as the former can negatively impact one's health and the latter takes much effort and time. Lift magnets are a great solution to both as they have excellent pull strength to attract the metals they can.

Magnetic pick-up tools

For people invested in DIY projects, magnetic pick-up tools help locate hidden or lost metal particles like nails, wires, bolts, etc. They may come with a retractable shaft and the LED light mechanism. These tools are excellent in getting into the nook and corner of a garage or compartments and bringing back lost metal particles. Depending on the type, they can lift up to even five kilograms.

For fishing and exploring

Many magnets are clamped with hooks or eyebolts for fishing or other light-duty lifting purposes. Mostly made of neodymium, they may come in larger sizes for even heavy-duty purposes like finding old metal junk from a riverbed or retrieving lost things. Explorers and fishing enthusiasts often find valuable metals or jewellery in such escapades. These rare earth magnets are permanent and corrosion and water-resistant.

Lift magnets in manufacturing and assembling

Magnets used in factories and assembly lines lift heavy objects and place them in appropriate appliance or vehicle locations. They usually come as electromagnets that are soft iron cores turned into magnetic fields with electricity. It creates a much stronger pull than any other natural magnet. Attached to cranes to move, they are kept in metal casing to prevent corrosion.  Permanent magnets with lock-on/off mechanism are also used in manufacturing. These powerful magnets for heavy-duty are typically composed of the N45 magnet material.