Top 12 Lifting Clamps

The sophisticated material handling products are a treat for committed DIYers. They help them to experiment & learn newer things for future application. Lifting clamp being one such equipment which aid in lifting items vertically or horizontally & transferring them to required places.

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Lifting Clamps Buying Guide

Take note of the weight of the items that you would need to lift. The spaces where you will be working also needs a mention. Like lifting clamps required for handling things in narrower places will differ from those that are suited for work in wider spaces. Safety is also an important consideration depending on your working needs.

Pick up objects gracefully with ease

The lifting clamps have magnetic claws to grab small objects. These are well suited for reaching things in compact spots like pulling cables from tight roofs & other metal objects. These handles are suited for both right & left-handed users. Some instruments have a suction cup attached towards the end that helps pick glasses or cups kept on top shelves. People with mobility issues or those facing any health complications like arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other muscle ailments can use them to pick things easily without bending & straining their joints.

Heavy-lifting made simple

The heavy items like tree logs, pre-cast columns etc., are challenging to handle without any equipment. Here, lifting clamps with sharp tips come to the rescue. They can even hold frozen woods securely, which is an excellent aid in winters when all surfaces become very slippery. Some have tongs that automatically close when the handle is lifted. These are useful in shifting bricks in one go.

Battery-run lifting gadgets & pulleys for fitness freaks

At times doing the job quickly with least effort is a priority. Such conditions demand automatic devices. Therefore, there are lifting clamps that are battery-powered & use vacuum technology. In tasks like carpentry or tiling or warehousing where there is a lot of material movement involved, these gadgets come handy. Lifting the fitness wheels helps to improve core strength. These wheels can be attached to the pulleys for weight lifting, enabling the fitness enthusiasts to do hard-core workouts.