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As digitization has increased, modern gadgets have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Hence, the need for sophisticated lightning cables also has risen. Lightning cables are used for transferring data to computers or I-pads & also for charging various devices. They come in varying lengths, size, & colours.

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Lightning Cables Buying Guide

The lightning cables that look aesthetically appealing may not be the right choice as many other factors need to be considered before purchasing the ideal lightning cable. The primary consideration is that they should be compatible with your devices & enable fast charging or data transfer. Therefore, a proper check of their features is necessary.

Robustness & compatibility

There are lightning cables made of pure copper wires that have lower resistance & enable faster charging. The cables do not entangle & are sturdy. They allow transferring bulky files like movies & songs with a speed of four hundred & eighty Mbps. Hence, ensuring faster data transmission. They support quick charging even in a car or other outdoor venues & are compatible with all the i-phone devices. Whereas, there are ones which also support Windows PC's. In certain ones charging & data movement can be done simultaneously. The ones with high strength bending should be preferred for prolonged use.

Ancillary attributes

There are lightning cables that are waterproof & can handle a lot of stress. The ones that are small & properly fit into small spaces should be considered because one needs to carry these products to office or while on travel. Hence, the ones that easily fit into pockets are better. While moving, specific lightning cables come with a Velcro tie for added comfort to organize them properly. Some have scratch-resistant edges for ensuring longevity. Many have extra long wires to lie on the couch & use your gadget & concurrently charging will also happen.

Certification & warranty parameters

The lightning cables that come with an Apple MFI certification are recommended for safe usage. Some come in several attractive & pleasing colours like orange, green & blue to keep the style quotient intact. The kind of warranty offered by the manufacturer is also essential. Few companies offer a lifetime warranty that secures peace of mind.

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